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drip edge over the corner of the roof. Guide a knife along it to trim the excess rubber. Seal the drip edge. Use uncured EPDM tape to cover the nails and seal the drip edge to the roof. Uncured EPDM must be protected from UV rays, which the decking will do once installed.

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Building on an Existing Deck Where local building codes allow this practice, you can bolt a patio overhead’s posts directly to existing deck beams, joists, or other heavy structural members. Or, you can lag-screw through post bases and decking into the top of a deck joist or beam.

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Build a Deck on Roof or Rooftop - Bison Deck Introduction - Video 1 of 7 Build decks on flat roofs with Bison Wood Tiles and Bison Deck Supports, which is an adjustable pedestal for installing sophisticated modular style decks on ...

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Re: wood deck on flat roof There is also a JLC or FH article on EPDM as the roofing membrane, with sleepers on top. I did this several years ago for a deck over a porch.

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Re: wood deck on flat roof There are companies selling pre-made pallets, 12" x 12" or 20" x 20". that can be spread out like tiles on an existing surface. Google "ipe pallet" to find them. We had a client who chose those as an inexpensive way to make a roof look prettier.

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How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A Mobile Home I am wanting to put a flat roof over an existing wood deck on my Dad's mobile home. Not sure on the best and cheapest way to do this.

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How To Build A Flat Roof Over Patio Posted on November 19, 2018 By Rizal Berangkat Carports carport builders perth deck designs flat roof plans raise the roof skylift riser hardware remodeling outdoor rooms decks roofing construction waste recycling building a flat roof deck mercial building rooftop deck build a for

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This deck will measure 16 feet by 12 feet. To build it, you will need 4 16 foot 2 x 6, and 44 12 foot 2 x 6. Order 1 box of 16d nails. Step 2: Material Delivery. If you order the lumber from a major hardware store and let them know that you are building a deck on a flat roof, the material can be delivered on a truck with a lift.

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I am also planning to make a deck on my flat roof, but I have some questions. The thing is, that the roof draining is through a hole in the center of the roof. That means, there are 4 slopes, leading the rain (or melted snow) water to the drain.

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The only thing is that my deck is about 1200 square feet over epdm. Unfortunately we don't have great slope on the surface. From the house to the edge of the deck is about 28 feet and about 52 feet across. Roof Top Deck Construction

Building a deck over a flat roof is very similar to building a deck over a concrete patio. These decks are often referred to as “floating,” as they are not secured in place as a stand-alone structure. They are merely “placed” on top of another structure. First, you must make sure the roof is strong enough to support 55 lbs per square foot.

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1/4" per foot tapered insulation, 1/2" densdeck over that. 60 mil EPDM with 6" seams. Another one we did for the same builder, 60 Mil EPDM glued to the plywood 4" of fancy concrete over the top of it. The upper level was a wood deck, again sorry no pictures of the finish of that one.

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Screw the deck to the sleepers. You must make sure you have adequate drainage between the sleepers. Screw this up and you've got a problem You must make sure the roof joists are sized for a floor load. Standard roof joists have an inadequate load capacity.

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Re: Proper way to anchor/frame a deck on a flat rubber roof The walkway is L shaped and in a corner against the walls. One section is 12' long and the other is10'.