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The first step is to ensure the wood is dry. As many teak furniture pieces typically become patio furniture due to the durability of the wood, the furniture may appear to be dry, but actually be wet from retaining some water from the elements, greatly affecting any attempt to refinish the wood.

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Teak is a workable wood with an appealing honey tone that makes it an attractive material for outdoor furniture. It normally doesn't need any other protection from the elements than its own ...

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Refinishing Teak Outdoor Furniture The table in question might not even be Teak. But here are some thoughts about the choices for a natural-looking refinishing job.

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I have had considerable experience with maintaining outside teak furniture including poolside chaises which have lots of crevices to clean and benches and tables for our patio. I tried the teak cleaners, used Smith and Hawken all with good results but often had to purchase quite a lot of it to get the job done.

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Refinishing Teak By BeFurnished On 1/9/2007. Refinishing Teak. Because teak is such a durable material, it’s not hard to find old pieces of teak furniture. While teak requires nearly no maintenance, antique pieces may need a little restoration to bring them back to their former glorious splendor.

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Give your weathered patio furniture a new life with this teak table renewal project.

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Refinishing Teak Furniture. There are specific cleaners that need to be used when refinishing teak patio furniture. Some people try to use household bleach or a pressure washer to clean their teak furniture but often end up damaging the wood. A good teak furniture cleaner, like the one from Golden Care?, has excellent reviews around the net.

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Outdoor teak furniture is a stylish choice for your patio or deck. Teak wood is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also strong and low maintenance. This tropical Seven Trust is usually a lovely shade of golden brown, but furniture exposed to the elements can develop a silver grey finish.

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For many individuals, refinishing wooden outdoor furniture is viewed as a complete mystery or an annoying task. Rather than purchasing new furniture or paying professional painters and repairmen, you can easily refinish wooden outdoor items by following a few easy, basic tips.

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Teak wood is a popular type of wood because of its durability and strong resistance to weather. It is somewhat rare and can grow mold and mildew over time though. It is somewhat rare and can grow mold and mildew over time though.

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Outdoor teak and fine wood patio furniture, supplies, repair and refinishing in Texas and Oklahoma. Home About ... of Texas and will consider projects outside of Texas. With experience in cleaning, refinishing, repairing, and building wood furniture, Sunwood Refinishing will exceed your expectations. Our knowledge of cleaners, sealants, wood ...

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Indoor wooden furniture doesn’t get exposed to the elements in the same way as outdoor furniture, so you have many more options when it comes to wood finishing and restoration. For indoor teak furniture, tung oil is a really great option as a finish because of the beautiful look and feel of the wood that will result.

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Teak Patio Furniture Refinish; Teak Patio Furniture Refinish. 02 Jul. ... I am very satisfied with the maintenance of my teak patio furniture provided by Teak and Deck Professionals. We have owned and used the furniture for over 20 years. ... Teak & Deck Professionals are Specialists in Teak, Exotic Wood, Concrete and Stone Restoration.

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This short, informative video on how to refinish teak is useful for any outdoor teak furniture owner looking to clean, refinish, or add a fresh patina to their wood furniture.

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Teak wood patio furniture is very popular and can be very durable if taken care of properly.One way that you can improve the look of teak wood patio furniture that is starting to show its age is to refinish it.

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Teak patio furniture has become increasingly popular, especially when used outdoors. When teak patio sets are new, the wood is a beautiful honey color. After prolonged exposure to the sun, the wood color weathers to a silver-gray color. It's relatively simple to your teak patio furniture back to its original color.

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The best place to clean teakwood furniture is outdoors on a concrete patio or driveway. 2 Spray the teakwood with a water hose to remove residual cleaner and let the furniture air-dry.

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Above: Wood naturally darkens when exposed to UV light. A challenging part of refinishing teak is that it changes color and gets lighter as you sand it down and can end up looking splotchy. Shown here is dent that was too deep to sand away and so Long decided to steam it. “When you steam wood, it raises the pulp,” she says.