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Reasons Why Teak is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Teak Warehouse / Five Reasons Why Teak is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture Five Reasons Why Teak is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture OUTDOOR FURNITURE IS A BIG INVESTMENT, AND THERE’S ONE FACTOR THAT WILL DETERMINE HOW LONG YOUR INVESTMENT WILL LAST: THE MATERIAL THE FURNITURE IS MADE FROM.

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For most outdoor projects, naturally rot-resistant wood is a good idea. Use this table to find the right decay-resistant species for your project.

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Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages, so decide which wood best suits your building needs and budget. Woods for outdoor projects The three most widely available and suitable exterior lumber choices, not treated with chemical preservatives, include Western red cedar, redwood, and cypress.

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Acacia wood makes some pretty good outdoor furniture. However, it’s not as long lasting and durable as teak, shorea , and even eucalyptus . When thinking about outdoor furniture sets, acacia makes the most sense if you want something rather inexpensive and are not terribly concerned about its potential lifespan.

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Good Outdoor/Exterior Wood Finishes: Penetrating exterior oil: The easiest exterior finish to apply and maintain, and several brands are available with UV protection through your local woodworking supply or hardware store.

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For outdoor use, cedar furniture is widely viewed as a good choice. Less expensive than teak and lighter than oak, cedar possesses many major advantages that make it suitable for outdoor placement. Keep the benefits of cedar in mind when deciding which type of furniture to add to your garden or patio area.

8 Rot-Resistant Woods for Your Outdoor Projects

Using Wood Outside Outdoor furniture. The price for chic outdoor furniture can be justified if your purchase is an investment in products that will weather well over time. Everything rots eventually. And I am skeptical of products that claim extra-long life spans, for I fear they are like the Wonder Bread of outdoor materials, laden with ...

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Re: A good wood putty for outdoor use? Mobrien, For years I have used "Bondo" for filling exterior wood pecker holes, fallen out knots, rotted wood etc. Minwax also has a catalized wood filler, but it is considerably more expensive than common Bondo.

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Jacob Aune is familiar with Black Locust. “Its decay resistance is notable enough to be mentioned in a study by the Louisiana State University on wood decay prevention.. Because of its exceptional strength, this is the species to use in outdoor applications where structural integrity is important.