replacing boat floor in an aluminum boat

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It's a 1983 Starcraft Aluminum boat - riveted. It needs some TLC but was a score from Crslist. Had one soft spot in the wood decking but it was just one board that needed replacement.

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I have serious rot in the plywood floor of my 17 ft. Lund alum. fishing boat. It will need to be totally replaced, and I plan to do it myself.

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The methods used to make minor repairs to wood and fiberglass floors in a boat are similar in many ways. Major repairs or repairs to aluminum boat floors should be assigned to an experienced repair shop or boat yard. Remove any seats or accessories as needed to fully access the damaged section of the boat floor. Pull back the carpet.

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The boat is a 17' Alumaweld Super Pro guide model and the flooring is starting to warp pretty good. Figure I'll replace the oversize gas tank(42gal.) w/ a more reasonable 18gal. tank (I never trust the gauge so always put $10 in before I go on the river.

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Re: Replacing rotten floor on aluminum boat My experience is that the indoor outdoor carpet holds water and lets it soak in the wood. Marine carpet will shed water and has rubber backing that keeps the water from getting to the wood.

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Use cardboard to out line your floor plan. My 14 ft lund has a floor like this. I think its 1/2 plywood. I re-did the front casting deck and made it out of 1/2 with 2×4 for support. The differecne I saw was that the fron benches were removed and the bench that was left was the rear bench and used when drivving the boat.

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Replacing the floor in my 16 ft. alumacraft boat Im pulling out all the bad floor in my boat, and was wandering if you folks had an opinion on what type of plywood to use. Seems like a 50 50 thing, between marine grade and exterior plywood.

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1989 grumman 14 aluminum boat floor and foam replacement replacing rotten floor on aluminum boat boat floor replacement at some point in your boat s life its stringers will need to be addressed many owners might dread this process but if you know what re doing and.

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I am replacing the floor in my aluminum boat. Should I use pressure treated plywood or marine plywood? I also want to cover the plywood with the 4x8 plastic panel you can purchase at Lowe's or.

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This can happen when the wood is covered with glass also. If you keep the boat covered and let the wood dry out when not in use, it will last a very long time. My aluminum jet boat has a honeycomb floor and is completely sealed, but the cost is high for these products.

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I used the old wood floor as a template for drilling holes and used aluminum rivets from Fastenal Since I had everything out of the boat I added an 8′ rod locker in the floor and married that to the frame I beam to stiffen up the boat.

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replace that rotten floor in your boat DIY part 10. After finding leaks in the hull and finding the source of the leaks, I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the hull floor area and then I applied ...

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Boat flooring imparts many benefits to a boat's hull. The supporting framing and floor can add stiffness and support to a hull. The flooring creates a dead-air space just above the hull's bottom that can add bouyancy to a boat made from materials with no inherent bouyancy such as fiberglass, steel or aluminum.

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expecially if you tow your boat home at night. the floor gets splashes of water occassionally. If it is being submerged then you have a bigger problem then flooring. My original floor was 15 yrs old and only starting to rot on the edges. my floor was also covered in marine carpet, which is more aptly called marine sponge.