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Shown are the two maroon boxes each had one of these minnows in each of them. The boxes are marked for the Mizzoo Wood Minnow, Diamond MFG. Co, St. Louis, U.S.A., and One Triumph Wood Minnow, Triumph Manufacturing Company, Louisville, U.S.A.

Wood Manufacturing Co Fishing Lure & Brochure c1947

Vintage Wood Manufacturing Co. fishing lure - possibly a variant of the "Dipsy Doodle" type, with a seperate segmented tail section and two treble hooks. Booklet/brochure is from the Wood Manufacturing Co., and features 6 illustrations and product descriptions for various lures, as well as an attatched order form.

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This lure was built in 1885 by E.F. Pflueger, president of Enterprise Manufacturing Co. in Akron, Ohio, which later became Pflueger Tackle Co. This lure is the one that got Pflueger in trouble with Harry Comstock. The specific lure in the picture is the one that was examined by the judge in the lawsuit. Friend-Pardee Kent Minnow $10,000

Wood's Sonic Lure

Wood Manufacturing went out of business in 1949 but in the late 1960's, the company's assets including equipment, remaining lures, etc., were bought by a company in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Excluded from the deal, however, were the patent and manufacturing rights.

How to identify pre-1940 wood fishing lures and lure boxes

I buy boxes in all kinds of condition, but I need to know the company and numbers on the box. 5. Measuring a wood lure: when you measure a lure, measure it from wood end to wood end. Not hardware to hardware or tip to tip. Wood to wood end. Lengths of certain wood lures will differentiate them.

Wood Manufacturing Co fishing lures ad | 1948 Sports Afield ...

"This is an original 1950 black and white print ad for the Deep-R-Doofle fishing lure that was made and sold by the Wood Manufacturing Company of El Dorado, Arkansas (AR)." "This is an original 1950 black and white print ad for the Deep-R-Doofle fishing lure that was made and sold by the Wood Manufacturing Company of El Dorado, Arkansas (AR).

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I will try to notate extra information for each of the old fishing lures shown, such as the dates the lures were made, the companies who made the now antique lures. ABC Minnow Made by George Bolton, Detroit Michigan.

South Bend Lures – Old Indiana Lures

The South Bend Bait Company produced fishing line, reels, rods and lures including many wood plugs, spoons and fly baits. Many of those items are featured in this 1951 South Bend Fishing Tackle, Rod and Lures Catalog. Some other items are featured in this older 1939 South Bend Bait Company Lure Brochure.

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Due to the great experience and years of testing, the Ugly Duckling Lures have become popular worldwide and awell-known company in making fishing lures for every water conditions. The most important part of the manufacturing process of the Ugly Duckling wooden crankbaits is the handmade work.

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Most likely the oldest of the major lure companies would be the E.F. Pflueger or the Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Akron, Ohio. Shortly after the mid 1800's until the turn of the 20th century, fish catching baits were being produced.

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Ernest F. Pflueger founded the Enterprise Manufacturing Company in 1881 making fish hooks. When his son took over the business in 1906, it changed names to the E.A. Pflueger Company. During this time, Pflueger was the first company to open up commercial production of wooden fishing lures.

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turning a wooden fishing lure body on a CNC lathe.

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C.W. Lane Manufacturing Company / Madrid, New York This small lure manufacturer dates back to 1913 when Charles W. Lane patented his Lanes Automatic Minnow. He developed several lures and harnesses but his most significant were the "Automatic Minnow" and the later "Wonder Wagtail Wonders" which were patented much later in 1920.

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Here you can buy old lures from many different companies including Heddon, Creek Chub, Arbogast, Rebel, Rapala, Storm, and Bagely just to name a few.