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Recycled plastic sheets and boards We offer various sheet options suitable for a wide range of applications Illustrations below demonstrate uses of recycled sheet material used in outdoor applications as the material cannot rot and little or no maintenance is required.

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It is made completely of recycled plastic wood. Home > Construction > Recycled ... Heavy Duty Plastic HDPE sheet available in 3 thicknesses - 12.7mm, 15mm and 19mm and 5 sandwich colour combinations. ... Add to Basket: Durable, UV protected, colourfast, non toxic and versatile. A great material to be used where a lightweight, tough HDPE plastic ...

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Recycled Plastic Sheet or Board comes in several varieties - HDPE sheet both as a multicoloured sandwich and solid colours, Stokbord, Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet (a combination of HDPE and LDPE) and Stormboard. Some are 100% recycled waste plastic sheets in the UK, but the brighter colours are more difficult to achieve in this country because ...

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Please note that this sheet is unfortunately not recycled plastic though offcuts are recycled back into new material. In the UK we do not separate plastics into their respective colours and types of plastic.

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Our material is made from various recycled plastics or other waste streams of an exceptional quality. We work with (amongst other things) plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and packaging, plant pots, food packaging and coffee grounds.

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EA certificated recycled material is sold widely to the UK manufacturing sector, providing a sustainable, compliant & efficient recycling process. We can supply a range of baled and reground polymers, including uPVC which is a key speciality.

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Our recycled plastic sheets are available between 6mm and 24mm thick. Stokbord LDPE, Ecoboard, Ecohoarding Board, HDPE sheets, Offcuts & Special Offers. Cut to size with our CNC service.

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Clear Sheet; 100% Recycled Clear Greencast Acrylic; 100% Recycled Clear Greencast Acrylic. ... experience and technology to offer a bespoke design and fabrication service for plastic sheets to cater for almost any idea you can think of. ... while companies are looking to use as many recycled materials as they can. This 'green' acrylic is the ...

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EcoSheet / EKOply is made from 100% recycled mixed plastics. It is hard-wearing, smooth-faced, and versatile, thus suitable for a variety of applications in agriculture, construction and beyond.

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We recycle plastic material from a wide variety of industries around the UK. We work with our customers to reduce wastage and turn scrap or redundant plastics into a commodity that can be reused by industry to manufacture a myriad of everyday products.

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What is Metem? Metem is a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). One of the most commonly used plastics in the U.S., post-consumer HDPE is a material or finished product that has served its single use and been diverted or recovered from waste destined for a landfill.

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EKOply - recycled plastic plywood alternative. If you are looking for a supplier of EKOply then you have come to the right website. Our EKOply recycled plastic plywood alternative product range is the only current sheet on market that is almost identical to Ecosheet in its structure, appearance & specification.

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Recycled Plastic Sheets. We are one of the leading suppliers of recycled plastic sheets and boards to trade across the UK. We offer a range of high quality recycled plastic sheets and boards suitable for a wide range of applications and great trade prices.. Illustrations below demonstrate uses of recycled plastic sheet material used in outdoor applications as the material cannot rot and little ...

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Recycled polycarbonate sheet is proven to be an extremely versatile material that can be used in many applications whether in a domestic or business setting. It’s a very tough plastic that boasts being bulletproof yet it is a lightweight material that’s easy to cut to size and handle.