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Longevity of cedar posts in Urban and Community Forestry

Eastern Red Cedar is a totally different species than Western Red Cedar. Soil conditions go a long way in determining durability. ERC squared to 4x4 will have most of the sapwood removed except for a little at the corners on the bottom half of the post.

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There is a vast array of options available to increase the overall appearance and longevity of your new cedar fence. Upgrading to steel posts eliminates the need to replace posts that decay at ground level due to moisture or abuse from line trimmers.

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Unlike standard metal posts, PostMaster supports can be camouflaged within any of our cedar fence designs. The steel is generally hidden between and behind fence boards. The posts will work on privacy fences, rail fences and nearly any type of wood fence design.

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Service life of treated and untreated fence posts

Untreated split cedar posts, long used in western Oregon where they have a history of good service, lasted 23 years on the post farm under conditions favorable for decay. Oregon white oak posts, similar to the cedar posts in girth but containing some sapwood, were somewhat less durable.

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Some fence installers report that wrapping the post base with sheet copper or galvanized steel prolongs the life of their posts. While post wraps and barriers seem to offer some increased longevity, any gaps, holes, or voids behind the barrier or wrap will compromise the barrier and make it less useful.

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In the Midwest, Eastern red cedar fence posts have been found to last for decades. Here is the life expectancy (in years) of some wood fence posts, from the Virginia Cooperative Extension: Black ...

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We offer a wide variety of Cedar Posts to accommodate your unique installation needs. The most common post we use is a 5" Diameter Round Cedar Post. This is the least expensive post option, while still allowing for plenty of "heft" to ensure a long last fence.

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A fence is only as strong as its weakest link, and ground that is high in moisture reduces the life of a post by up to 3 years. Make sure your posts are stained or treated before you install them, and make sure you provide a concrete or gravel filler for your post holes to keep out moisture.

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Wood Fence Post Options. Classic Wood Fence. We stock a wide range of fence post options, providing longevity and strength to your fence. The fence posts establish the line of the fence and provide the stability.

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The cedar’s natural resistance to termites and other insects also help its longevity. We also use steel posts to ensure your fence will last! We can handle a host of different wood styles, allowing you to not only match the practical needs of a privacy fence with the finish of custom carpentry.

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In checking some of the other posts in this line fence, all cedar posts were still functional. None broke off. Our policy when selling ERC round logs for fence posts is to keep sapwood to a minimum. 3/4" or less of sapwood and 3" of red at the small end.