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As you look for ways to protect your home's exterior, you might not initially think about what you can do to your home's interior. But your insulation can have a profound impact on how much snow collects on your roof, and in turn, that snowmelt affects your siding's lifespan.

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To keep a rich, natural wood look, wipe a teak oil with UV protection (and without linseed oil) onto every surface, wait 15 minutes for it to soak in, then wipe again with a clean rag to remove any buildup. Repeat at the beginning and end of each porch-swing season. Teak can also be painted, but then you run the risk of chips, scrapes, and ...

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How to Protect Wood Siding To prevent rot and prolong the life of your wood siding, you can treat it with oil, stain, or paint. These materials act as a barrier, preventing water from coming into direct contact with the wood.

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Moisture can damage the construction of your porch swing, everywhere from the hardware to the material of the seat itself. To prevent such damage, keep your swing out of rain. If there is no shelter, put a tarp over the swing, if possible. If the seat is a hanging porch swing, there is plastic coating available which which to protect the chain.

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A porch swing of your own can bring back those days of sitting in the humid air with a tall glass of iced tea in hand. The Basics of Hanging a Front Porch Swing. Make the most of the great outdoors from the comfort of your front porch or deck. Here's how to hang that lovely porch swing: Connect your porch swing to a structural part of the house.

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If you have a cedar porch swing DIY project, chances are you are wondering whether you should paint or stain it. Although some might recommend painting it with acrylic to protect it from outside elements, most woodworking enthusiast however will opt to staining it to preserve the cedar wood's natural beauty.

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To avoid this type of damage, an option for you is to pick cedar siding shingles that have been factory treated or sealed. Treatments for cedar siding maintenance. Some cedar siding shingles are treated with bleaching oil, which is a treatment made with linseed oil and bleach crystals.

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Cover all porch furniture or store them for the season to protect them from the elements. However, a front porch is the perfect stage for holiday decorations. Decorate a mini Christmas tree in the center, adorning the railings with lights and garland.

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Care should be taken when you hang a porch swing to ensure your safety. Be sure the joists, tree limb, or even an A-frame are sturdy enough to hold the maximum weight for the swing. ... Tool for easily removing siding has a hook that goes into the groove on siding ... Use a rubber hose to protect the tree limb from chain abrasion. Do not screw ...

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The slat tenons in the porch swing fit into mortises cut in the upper and lower back supports. This takes a bit of work and some fairly precise cutting. A simpler method would be to run a dado on the top edge of the bottom back support and the bottom edge of the upper back support.

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I have used a tarp built onto a framework suspended over the plants to catch minor debris (nails, small pieces of wood or siding, etc.). Sometimes just leaning plywood against the side of the house will suffice, such as when doing a roof job.

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Care should be taken when you hang a porch swing to ensure your safety. Be sure the joists, tree limb, or even an A-frame are sturdy enough to hold the maximum weight for the swing. You will need a sturdy porch swing spring set.

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Enjoy the gentle sway of a porch swing on a summer night. With these clear how-to instructions and photos, you can build a classic porch swing in a weekend. The smooth, gentle glide of this porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours. In fact, you may lose your ambition for good! The swing’s ...

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Apply masking tape at post bottoms and siding before beginning to stain and protect your porch. Spread plastic sheeting to cover the entire deck and stairs, stapling the edges along the wall, rim joists and stair risers.

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Two years ago I built this pergola from rough-sawn cedar, and hung a new cedar porch swing so that we could relax and enjoy the view. But two years of sunshine and rain have begun to rob the wood of its natural oils, so today I decided it was time to take some preventative action.