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For grins, I took my boots off to apply the second coat to see how it’d feel. I put the entire second coat down in bare feet!! No complaints. The company is also very good at support and training, even though the product is easy to use. If you need a pool deck coating, choose this one!

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Expect the Concrete Decks prices to fluctuate between various companies – each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head. Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter – you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractor’s down season.

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Hi Brissboy thanks for your interest in my query by over do you mean some of the decking extends out over the water we are thinking of putting long timber beams over the pool and put decks all over them to cover the pool.We wonlt be doing this ourselves we will engage people from decking company.

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Concrete pool decks are generally used for in-ground pools, or ones that are dug out of the ground and installed below the ground level. They only need maintenance every so often, unlike wood decks. Building one for your in-ground pool can not only be rewarding, but can a lot of fun with your pool and outdoor entertainment area.

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Some of these pools have wooden decks adjacent to them. Wooden decks can really make a pool nice. Some are beautiful with multiple levels, fancy railings, built-in seating, and walls of latticework for privacy.

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Price your lumber. Take your measurements down to the lumber supply store and explain to a clerk that you are building a deck. Along with your measurements and type of lumber to purchase, you can then see what type of cost you're looking at.

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Decks makes them so much more enjoyable, though, because they ensure that you no longer have to climb down a flimsy plastic ladder to get in the pool. If mom, dad, and grandma want to sit around and watch the kids swim, it is so much easier to do so from an elevated position, sitting at water level instead of down on the ground three feet below.

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Yes! Pavers can be installed on top of an existing concrete deck, even if the deck is cracked. Pavers are installed over sand, therefore the new deck will absorb small shifts without cracking the pavers. The renovation coping piece has a drop-down face that will cover the old coping, so you don't have to remove the old coping, just cut it back.

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Many inground pool designs with fences tend to feature black ornamental aluminum fences because they have a simple look and require little maintenance. Lighting — Lighting provides beauty and safety around pools. It’s advisable to use a combination of path lights, tree uplights, spotlights and down lights.

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When deciding on your design plan, an above ground pool deck is ideal to install in a small backyard because they are easy to install, and install down the road. An inground pool is built into an area of your yard that has been dug out.

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After tearing down the original deck to completely re-build it, we also discovered that the inground pool was installed improperly, back-filled with dirt and rusting through to the liner. Long story short, we had to excavate and demolish the pool.

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In addition, most municipalities have codes mandating minimum deck widths for residential in-ground pools. A well-planned and built deck adds aesthetic appeal and safety to your pool area. Outside of minimum width requirements, how much deck you put around your in-ground pool is determined by space limitations and your own personal taste.