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Here is a list of different types of paints using based on technical specifications. This paints guide help ... It is used for painting exterior wall surface mainly for preventing water penetration and reductions of dirt collection. 10. Latex ... Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost Planning. 10 Best Construction Management Books.

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Advantages of Bricks. Economical ( material is easily available) ... Disadvantages of Bricks. Time consuming construction; Cannot be used in high seismic zones ... Rough surfaces of bricks may cause mold growth if not properly cleaned; Cleaning brick surfaces is a hard job; Color of low quality brick changes when exposed to sun for a long ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of plastering walls. Plastering involves covering the wall exteriors to render a solid surface. The process of plastering is in use since a long time.

Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces

Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces. Concrete surfaces don’t have to look dull and ordinary. Perhaps you’ve admired a neighbor’s stunning and decorative concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio and didn’t know how this look was obtained.

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Another disadvantage to drywall is that it is not as flexible as plaster, so drywalling curved surfaces is challenging and may not achieve the desired results. Durability Drywall is more stable than plaster, but it is not as durable.

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Cavity Walls – hollow space cavity wall and cavity wall insulation Advantages of cavity wall construction. Damp Prevention: cavity wall checks the prevention of dampness from outside to inside of the building in the better way than a solid brick wall of the same thickness.

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A disadvantage to drywall is its weight. A standard 4-by-8 sheet of 1/2-inch drywall weighs more than 50 lbs. This means either you need a partner to help you move and install it or you need to pay to have it delivered and use a machine called a drywall jack to install ceiling panels if you are working on a ceiling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Glazed ceramic flooring tiles have a hard protective top layer that makes the tiles impervious to water and most stains, making them naturally resistant to the ravages of high humidity conditions. This is the main reason why tile is preferred for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

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Keeping that in mind, let us take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using wallpaper or paint. 1) Preparation It is the time taken to prepare the walls before it is being dressed with wallpaper of being painted.

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The wonderful world of wall finishes is vast and customizable. Whether you choose wallpaper or paint, either one will give your home subtle or bold color and character. For the appeal of both, try paintable wallpaper or stick with paint or wallpaper.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Surface mount segments are little and can be mounted on either side of the PCB and have increased extensive utilization of hardware.

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Top 10 Friction Advantages and Disadvantages By Genevieve Green Posted on July 03, 2017 The force of friction Is the force between two surfaces when touched and that affects in the opposite direction of the movement, being considered a resistance.

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In rooms where a wipe clean surface is required, granite paint is not a good choice. Granite Paint and Smooth Dry Surfaces. Granite paint is ideal for painting living room and bedroom walls. Remember, this sort of paint is an effect paint rather than one designed for durability or being easy to clean. Granite Paint Is Permanent

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Advantages -- Handling and Construction. The construction materials for gabion walls are easy to transport to sites, easy to unload and place. The rock fill comes in various sizes and colors to accommodate the volume and design of each wall, making them customized for each application.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Reinforced Concrete Reinforced concrete is a popular material to help ensure your structure will remain strong and durable for many years. It’s made from relatively inexpensive materials, easy to pour into shapes and it’s extremely strong.